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You wish you a baby? Or are already pregnant? Maybe you are already happy mother of sweet babies? Aipureles wants you as your partner in these exciting times accompany, inspire you and expert support. Here's the direction of adventure...

  Period of ovulation  
  Choose your fertile days. With our eisprungrechner your fertile days and your ovulation, quick and easy to calculate. You have only to the first day of your last period and your cycle length.  
  Common problem  
  You have questions, you are embarrassed and you don't want to discuss with your friends.  
  Breastfeeding or bottle?  
  Breastfeeding has many advantages, there are both health and practical reasons. however, the decision is not always easy. On these things you should think before you decide.  
  What do you want to do before pregnancy  
  If you want to get pregnant, it can easily happen. Here, you will find some tips, you can how to spread the idea of a baby, until you finally become real parents.  
  You have the right to maternity leave  
  You are pregnant, Congratulations, and welcome to this new and exciting life. A child has changed everything, so it's no wonder you're worried about your job, and the law stipulates that you have the right to enjoy paid maternity leave.  

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