What you really should do before pregnancy  
  If you are trying to become pregnant, it can easily happen that you too far in the future is fixed. This is, in fact, right now the best time for me to live life to the fullest and still childless days full of live. Here you will find a few tips on how you can distract the baby thoughts, until you finally real parents are.  
  A romantic time  
  Together, the life gives you the possibility to escape a few mentally and physically more closely together. city is the ideal wochenendtrips. If more time is available, perhaps somewhat further away. A list drawn up jointly traumzielen and sticking one after the other.  
  Love adventurous  
  Festivals are not only for teenagers, which mud care. there are lots of new and exciting events throughout the country, regardless of whether your music, literature or delicious food like. You can even combine a vacation abroad. For a list of the best festivals around the world, here.  
  The fitness work  
  Physical exercise is the best way to reduce stress and to focus on something else as eisprungtermine. It provides you the best for you in the best possible physical constitution are to become pregnant. Come in for a 10 km run or climb a mountain for a goal to have, not to mention the great sense of achievement.  
  Go and enjoy the night  
  Dating is perfect to relax. meet him, with friends or with your favorite movies, and rejoice that you still not a babysitter to take care of you!  
  Give you what  
  here's nothing like a little shopping, in order to bring other thoughts, starting with the latest fashion trends. Wellnesstage also are well suited to physically and mentally relax. But to spoil yourself doesn't have to be expensive, a long hot bath can be the ultimate luxury.  
  Time for culture  
  A trip to the theatre to watch the latest play, through the local art gallery ", a compelling concert... Cultural activities can be incredibly exciting and your view of the world. Search for inspiration and ideas in your vicinity.  
  More sleep  
  Orget all the fun, small time outs is needed. Using relaxed weekend home to lazy and sleep late.Breakfast in bed can be a way to the next big adventure to recharge its batteries.  

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