Breastfeeding or bottle?  
  Breastfeeding has many advantages, there are both health and practical reasons. however, the decision is not always easy. On these things you should think before you decide.  
  Good for your baby  
  The national stillkommission and the european food safety authority advise that babies in the first four to six months to exclusively breastfeed. For this recommendation, there are good reasons: the nutrient content and the composition of the breast milk are not only perfectly on the food needs of your baby vote, but also includes antibodies that protect against infection and allergies. It is easier to digest milk, which will help to breast fed babies less bloating and diarrhoea and less prone to clogging. Scientific knowledge is also suggests that children who are breastfed are less likely to have later obesity.  
  Good for mom  
  Breast milk is not only free, readily available, and warm, but to spare you the sterilization of bottles and the preparation of baby milk.  
  Good: breastfeeding helps you to get your old figure. The distribution of the stillhormons oxytocin stimulates the uterus to be reversing to the original size, and also costs you impressive 500 calories in a day. and all this sitting down. And if you don't want to breastfeed in public, offers you a great flexibility for the breast pump, or even at home. There's more good news: evidence suggests that breast feeding reduces your risk slightly to breast and ovarian cancer samples.  
  Not always easy  
  Breast feeding can also be difficult. If your baby is for some reason not to drink, the effect on milk production, because this directly from the demand depends on.One of the main reasons why women discontinue breastfeeding, however, is that they feel uncomfortable by wound, painful nipples, milchstau, sticky milchg?nge or infections. In order to avoid such problems, you can have during pregnancy on possible stilltechniken inform.The problems should be breast-feeding, ask the best a midwife or your gynecologist for advice.  
  Make the right decision  
  If you have problems during breastfeeding and stress or worry about your emotional health, affecting the transition to fl?schchennahrung might be the best solution.  
  Maybe for you, the feeling, very to be bound to breast feed, especially if you're planning to return to work as soon as possible back to your. Another advantage of feeding with the vial is that dad is more involved in this process and you don't worry about that, everything you eat and drink to the baby is passed on.  
  If you make all this good thinking you don't need to have feelings of guilt, whatever decision you make. with fl?schchennahrung will your baby develop well. And contrary to popular opinion, it also prevents you to bond with your child.  
  Hold your baby close to you pressed eye contact and talk quietly for him, if you give him the bottle. elternliebe is more than just quiet and, ultimately, your kid will be this love back.  
  The instructions given general instructions. each pregnancy can be individually lost, therefore turn to questions or concerns please to your gyno.  

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