Happy birthday to you!
You're pregnant and so on the way, mom. What you should be eating and dressing like you can, with the first pregnant together and what, for example, labour in the pregnancy does, we're in the next exciting months of support.
  Good to know  
  Sushi is taboo? how can you prepare now for the birth, and why are you suddenly so forgetful and what's the morning sickness in? Here you will find lots of information for a stress free pregnancy.  

Food such as sushi, cheese, alcohol: what foods are taboo?

  It's really mean: it if your appetite is the highest, the desires you can according to your leibgerichten does not necessarily yield. By taking certain foods during pregnancy avoid, protects you and your baby before the unnecessary risk of food poisoning. But there's good news: you are still a variety of delicious food to eat, for you and your baby healthy. Learn here how you can do it, the next nine months to survive without your taste buds to wear...  

Pregnancy brain. What happens to me?

  Many women reported forgetfulness in pregnancy. If you are looking for the car keys or forgetting important dates, this is probably the so-called ?pregnancy brain". Here are the facts about these...  

Common problem

  You have questions, you are embarrassed and you don't want to discuss with your friends.  
  Feel very good  
  Your body makes amazing changes, but that does not mean that you don't exercise or not fashionable clothes to wear. There are plenty of ways to stay healthy during pregnancy and continue to look stylish.
  Pregnant and stylish in the job, your new clothes.  
  Brotaugliche outfits can be tricky, without being also to an increasing abdominal girth to get used to. Fortunately, most providers offer for maternity wear also bščrokleidung, so you during your pregnancy yet stylish look. Here you will find tips on how you in the next nine months for the office style can...  

Maternity Dress

  In pregnancy need new clothes. This can be costly. between 200 and 400 euros is a woman, according to schwangerschaftsexperten for maternity wear. It shows a view of different schwangerschaftsforen that expenditure can vary greatly. While some pregnant very economical, give others a lot of money. It is not surprising that the expenditure in the first pregnancy in the rule are the highest.  

Exercise in pregnancy

  It's great that you want to do and stick to sports. Sport is good for you and your baby, and as long as you're healthy and your pregnancy is normal, there is no reason why you could not play sports.  
  In the workplace  
  We give answers to many work-related gestation, as you hide the morning sickness before you deliver the good news to your boss how you can reduce your stresslevel in job and what you have to keep in mind before you meet important professional decisions.  
  Unnoticed pregnant in office: these tips to get you through the first couple of months  
  As soon as you get the message that you're pregnant, you can digest, the first few weeks of pregnancy is sometimes a challenge. In addition to the troublesome side effects of pregnancy such as morning sickness and fatigue stress comes to such telltale signs of pregnancy to hide. Most of the women are covered, and the 12. Week set a healthy pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound examination. We would like to give you some tips below, you with the most striking symptoms as?  

These rights to maternity and parental leave you

  You're pregnant, congratulations and welcome to this new exciting phase of your life.A baby changes everything, so it's no wonder that you are worried about what seems to work for you to continue. Fortunately, your rights at work legally regulated, so as to ensure that you have the time to prepare you for your and your situation than mom to get used to.  



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