These rights to maternity and parental leave you  
  You're pregnant, congratulations and welcome to this new exciting phase of your life. A baby changes everything, so it's no wonder that you are worried about what seems to work for you to continue. Fortunately, your rights at work legally regulated, so as to ensure that you have the time to prepare you for your and your situation than mom to get used to.  
  Your rights  
  During your pregnancy and up to four months after the birth of you enjoying your employer may not, as long as you properly on your pregnancy and the expected delivery date information did.  
  There are strict rules, your health and safety during pregnancy to protect. You're not heavy lifting still in contact with dangerous substances. In addition, your employer must ensure that in the break room, a comfortable chair, you can sit back and relax. furthermore, overtime and extended shifts now off limits to you. The employer is obliged to provide you with flexible working hours, reducing stress.  
  Maternity protection  
  You can do your maternity leave from six weeks before the expected date of delivery services. in the eight weeks after the birth, 12 weeks after the case of premature or multiple births, you can't work.  
  Parental leave  
  The legal provisions in germany give you great flexibility in answering the question, how much time you free to take after the birth. The best do you early thoughts on how you want to organize. You are entitled to parental leave three years in which your employer, your work, you have to watch. you and your partner can either successively or at the same time take parental leave. The application for leave, you can with your superiors, or directly in the human resources department to apply. During this time you must both in addition up to 30 hours.  
  Every parent can leave his whole two periods each. A distribution in other periods is possible only with the consent of the employer.  
  With the consent of the employer is a transfer of up to 12 months in the period between the third party and the completion of the respect the child's age is possible - for example, during his first year.  
  Your duties  
  Your rights to benefit from your employer, you must know that you're pregnant and when the calculated delivery date. It is best to do so in writing.  
  If you in the six weeks before the birth, still want to work, you need to submit this request in writing to your employer, as well as your request to leave seven weeks before you want to take the first block. If you apply for the birth of your child's blocks after, you will have to get that at least 13 weeks before the desired.  
  Please understand that we are not always in all respects all always up-to-date legal information can map, you can find them on the government websites such as.  

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