Now you're mom! Finally, the long-awaited moment and your baby in the world. In this special time,our advice can help you.  
  Good to know  
  How can you treat with baby small time outs? it is selfish or normal that you time you want? We answer the questions, the all new moms.  

Breastfeeding or bottle?

  Breastfeeding has many advantages, there are both health and practical reasons.However, the decision is not always easy. On these things you should think before you decide.  

Mood swings, it is normal that i in the first few weeks after the birth of my baby a little time for myself?

  After the unforgettable high right after the birth of your child, you will be very soon on the ground back. But don't worry: that's quite normal in freshly baked mothers!  
  Parents are made easy with these tips, you are well prepared  
  The transition from a few of the family is the greatest, not to say the most exciting changes in your life. Just you still together and all of a sudden, there's a little man, the perfect of you addicted.  
  Feel very good  
  If you're satisfied with your looks, you feel good, too.Try one of our wonderfully modetipps so you look great and you feel great, even if time and money is tight.

As a new mom look good

  It is undeniable that the everyday life with a small baby, the one to take care of, can feel complete. Excursions in the mall with a buggy in tow, not easy and to find time to go out alone, can be difficult. However, it is important freizuschaufeln time for yourself.  

You have to have a normal rest.

  Breastfeeding is definitely the best start in life for a baby, what nutrition is concerned, even if it takes an extraordinary challenge for your clothes. Starting with the quiet bra to still tops, you will in the next few months your outfit regular stillmahlzeiten must adapt. Of course, this does not mean that you can be absolutely trendy.  

Six simple exercises that you back in shape after pregnancy

  Don't feel pressured to get rid of your babypfunde. breast feeding and care of your baby, you probably have enough to start working. Experts recommend even approximately six weeks to wait before you even think.  

The mother of my style change?

  There is no reason to pregnancy of your choice to adopt completely. but it is very likely that many stretch clothes you wore in pregnancy, for a while, your best friends will be. when you're not a celebrity, you can take up to a year, to your babypfunde again come.  
  In the workplace  
  Discover clever strategies, your colleagues wonder bring flexible hours to perfect multitasking.  

Tips to negotiate with your employer

  When the baby's here, do you, perhaps, as all of the others just with work and family life. But it's possible, i promise! The maternity leave is the time for your needs to consider and for you and your family to find suitable work. Only then you should talk with your employer.?  

Return to the office without a guilty conscience

  How fast clicking through online forums shows parents, many mothers of guilt stricken, if your baby during the day after. The relationship between you and your child can compare with no other type of relationship.?  

I receive all my services?

  Every mother wants the best for her baby. therefore, it is important to ensure that you gain the financial support, you should be.  



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