So you've decided that you want to be a mom? Do something right now for you, and wait until the pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle does not increase your chances of becoming pregnant, but also provides a happy pregnancy and allows your baby the best start in life.  

Period of ovulation

  Choose your fertile days. With our eisprungrechner your fertile days and your ovulation, quick and easy to calculate. You have only to the first day of your last period and your cycle length.  
  Good to know  
  When is it most likely to be pregnant? How to use a fertility calendar? What nutrients you need for your body to prepare the pregnancy? And how can you together with your partner at this exciting time in your life to prepare? Here you can find information on all the important issues.  

How do I prepare my favorite on pregnancy?

  Your chances of becoming pregnant, rise significantly if you in the following months, along with your favorite team act. Finally, it takes two to tango to father a child. Talk is essential: Start from the fact that both partners the peculiarities of the female cycle.  

What nutrients do I add to prepare for pregnancy?

  Plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle and nutritional supplement needs before and during pregnancy is different. Not only can you increase your chances of small test to see the pink line.?  

what is epigenetics?

  Now scientists have discovered that certain genes in relation to environmental factors in - or out. This domain is called epigenetics (from the greek "in addition to the genetics".  

When is my fertile days?

  You and your partner have decided to start a family. Once the decision is made and the anticipation of the associated uncertainty prevails, will change your life. It is time to talk about fertility. Maybe you know already that a healthy couple in each cycle a chance of up to 30 per cent, to have a child provided that it is during.  

Common problem

  You have questions, you are embarrassed and you don't want to discuss with your friends.  
  Feel very good  
  a healthy, full of energy and, of course, sexy feel are important prerequisites to father a child. stress and worry can sometimes beat on your mind, especially if you already have a little taste. follow our advice, and feel great.  

What do you want to do before pregnancy?

  If you want to get pregnant, it can easily happen. Here, you will find some tips, you can how to spread the idea of a baby, until you finally become real parents.  

No matter how busy you are, to be bathed in love!

  Do you remember the time when sex was something, you just had fun, rather than the goal to have to have a child? When life is hectic, the intimate contact with the partner, sometimes as a further duty feel to them.  

Look good and feel good, that's it!

  Be pregnant doesn't always work as quickly as we would like. But rather than lose the courage to use this precious time to yourself completely to yourself to focus. Here are some tips on how you in the next few months, very comfortable and look fantastic.  
  Busy work  
  Get your ideas on how you work best with your particular situation together, from the confidentiality of your babyplanung to dealing with a full schedule, and your life is a balance between work and family can do.  
  how do I keep the babyplanung best colleagues classified?  
  As soon as you're trying actively to have a baby, it can feel as if the whole world knows your secret. in fact, most people are not as closely as you think. For security, you should still have a few answers, if you look at the issue refers to you.  

Reduces stress in the office, my chance to be pregnant?

  By stress, find a series of chemical changes in the brain, the whole of the body effect. For a short period of time, stress is positive: he sharpens our senses a complex meeting or gives us a dose of energy to meet a deadline.?  

How do we find despite full schedule time for each other?

  Sometimes it may take a little longer, until the number of the schwangerwerden met and it works. If you or your partner on business a lot at night, or both are exhausted, it is almost impossible to appear to meet the desire for children.  



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