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  Scientific principle  
  According to the British Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology experts on clinical cases comprehensive summary and in-depth study found that in the pre pregnancy vaginal pH test in the alkaline case, Y sperm and egg to higher risk, that is to say, if the woman and the egg cell with the sperm carrying Y chromosomes in sperm Y, so when the sperm and egg carrying Y chromosome Y binding, is will form a "XY" fertilized eggs, will grow up to be a boy. It was determined that the sperm carrying the Y genome like the partial alkaline vaginal environment. Therefore, scientific experts believe that in women before pregnancy, to enhance vaginal micro the basic degree, can improve the success of mother baby boy the chance.  
  Table acidity and alkalinity  
  Obstetrics and Gynecology experts after research: Women's normal vaginal acidity is 3.8-4.2, acidic, can be increased to 7.2 or so, in a weak alkaline. The use of Aipureles alkaline panty liner , can make the vagina pH value is maintained at around 7.3-7.6, which is the most use of Y sperm conception of the alkaline environment, can effectively improve the activity of Y sperm. Aipureles alkaline panty liner of this kind of stability, is the current other products can not be achieved, it is this kind of stability, greatly improved the probability of having a boy.  
  Fast penetration  
  Aipureles alkaline panty liner using high-tech extraction, nanoscale molecular liquid, skin affinity, one minute can penetrate into the skin, filling the vagina and cervix of the uterus as fast as romantic love to create alkaline environment, simple and quick, easy penetration, not to normal sexual behavior bring any influence.  
  Silk slip  
  Aipureles alkaline panty liner, add the silk slip factor, can effectively moisturize the inner wall of the vagina, thus in the process of sex effectively enhance the degree of male and female orgasm, in order to further ensure that the Y sperm providing protection and assistance.  
  Safety without side effects  
  Product ingredients are safe without side effects. Aipureles alkaline panty liner is extracted by advanced technology. Through its unique secret formula to control the proportion of raw materials, the product effect to achieve the desired, can quickly and directly to the vagina to adjust the pH value to alkaline.  
  Change every 4-8 hours. Continuous use of 1-3 months. Store below 25íŠ in a dry place, out of sight and reach of children.  

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